The Final Programme Phase Two w/ @husseindharma

The Final Programme Phase Two

Finally, the Spheres align and Hussein and I manage, after ten months, to get it together and look at Phase Two of The Final Programme. 

We talk about Mike’s uncanny prescience, wrestling in Featherstone Library, and Hussein rags on sci-fi again. It’s a fun time all round. 

Also, GAC reaches the village of Treybach. Foxes may be abroad.

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Breakfast in the Ruins is One Year Old!

It’s true, it’s a whole year since we uploaded Episode 0 – An Introduction to Breakfast in the Ruins.

Baffling really. 

As one gets older the years fly by ever more fleetingly but this one, for a variety of reasons, really has been a headlong flash of some weird combination of events that were hitherto unforeseeable. Politics, a pandemic, lockdowns, chronic lack of trouser wearing… it’s had it all!

In another way though last summer, when I first started gestating the podcast idea properly, seems half a lifetime ago.  I’m so pleased I chose that specific time to kick all of this off, because if I hadn’t had this to escape into from time to time, and if I hadn’t had the positive social networks of like-minded folk that have sprung from this, it would have been a tougher year.

So listeners, thanks for listening.

Patrons, thanks for your support.

Simon P, thanks for all of your terrific work, including the above.

Take care, stay safe and I’ll see you on the moonbeam roads.


Entropic State Report 1st October 2020

In 10 days this podcast will be a year old! In all honesty, it kind of crept up on me and had I been more prepared I’d have prepped something special.  As it is though, managing to record Phase 2 of The Final Programme with Hussein after a nine month gap feels pretty special as it is, given the events he’s had to face this year. We’re committed to getting Phase 3 out there in the next month or so too.

Reading Jerry books again has made me realise just how much I love 60s/70s urban decay and societal collapse and griminess in my fiction.  That’s even extended to my games (image above is the Copper Hill Estate from my Unknown Armies campaign of several years back – I really must bring that back some day).

This week we’re welcoming a new patron to the fold. Welcome Ben, we’re delighted to have you aboard. The Blind Steersman is hosting drinks and canapés on the poop deck at 7 sharp. Which 7 isn’t clear yet but be prepared either way.

We’ve also had some additional support from friend of the show Anthony Perconti.  Anthony has been a great encouragement for us over the past year and he produces fab articles on a variety of books, most recently see http://threecrowsmagazine.com/turin/. Follow him on twitter @AnthonyPerconti.

In other news, Jim Kirkland is closing in on publishing his book on Elric collectibles and Simon Perrins has once again come up trumps with an ad for BitR to be included, but we’ll keep that under wraps for now (although if you follow us on instagram you may well have seen it already).  We’ll keep you posted on progress and as soon as Jim has it out you’ll hear it here first.