Moorcock and RPGs Part Four – Sandboxing the Multiverse

Moorcock and RPGs Part Four – Sandboxing the Multiverse

We’re back in Derry and Toms to talk gaming again, this time with CLARKY THE CRUEL.

Dave gets shocked by the crap number of TV channels we had in the UK as kids, Clarky tells us about his sandboxing adventures beyond the ultraworld, and I get inspired. And we digress. Obviously.

You can find Clarky’s Dissecting Worlds podcast archive and all of his game logs on his blog (including entries by yours truly describing the action from the perspective of post-apocalypse fiction powerhouse Roy Saveloy).

Roy Saveloy

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Entropic State Report 12th August 2022

The world is on fire. When thermometers in Bradford, up in the hills of West Yorkshire, hit 37 degrees celsius something is definitely way off with the world.

The UK is in the midst of democracy spasms as around 150,000 mostly oldsters choose their favoured mannequin to take over the reigns of government. One an evil billionaire that wants ‘basket case cities’ like Hull, Liverpool and Newcastle to become Charter Cities (think Delta City with less attractive police officers). The other a ruthless void of empathy that seeks only to appeal to the right wing nutjobs in her party. Both will continue to eagerly blow their corporate sponsors, billionaires that want not just a continuation of the status quo, but an acceleration of the wholesale asset stripping of the country.

For most of us it’s like the choice between shit with nuts in or shit with sweetcorn in.

Truly it is the right time for a saviour.

Unfortunately we appear to be short on 12 foot tall golden hermaphrodites at the moment so we’ll just have to suck it up. And when the time comes, vote well. And avoid Russian smoked porters.

In other news, since our Winds of Gath episode (yes, it was about three years too long… don’t @ me) I’ve dived deep down that Dumarest rabbit hole and have ended up with about 17 volumes. I also discovered the joys of Mr Tubb’s Space 1999 novelisations. Excited I was when I realised he’d penned two original novels based on the adventures of the Moonbase Alpha crew. One, Alien Seed, is pictured above. The other, Earth Fall, actually concludes their saga. Unfortunately it’s a bit steep on the price front and I need to hoard my wing-wangs for fuel bills and pickled eggs, so that’s one only to covet for the time being. Irritatingly, friend of the show Miles picked up one of those S1999 novelisations and his cover is way better than mine.

Damn you Miles.

Speaking of Miles, he and his buddy Charlie X have just launched their new show, the Casual Trek Podcast. As a casual Trek fan myself (very casual – I’m TOS to the core with a bit of DS9 and TNG love to spare – all other Trek takes up no space in my brain) I’m looking forward to diving in. Follow Casual Trek on twitter. 

On our own episode schedule, we have:

  • more musings on RPGs are in the can and awaiting editing and there’ll be an addendum to that that is yet to be recorded
  • Dave is ahead of me on his homework for The Mad God’s Amulet Book Two 
  • Derek AKA Imrryr is up for talking The Black Corridor
  • Andy Darby will be coming on to talk Moorcock and his novel Me and the Monkey
  • The Fortress of the Pearl Part Two will happen when Loz and I can actually get co-ordinated
  • Tash has finally rocked up and demanded steak and to talk about Nine Princes in Amber
  • and a couple of other irons are warming

Of course we have also had the poll for our 2022 Halloween episode live for a week or so. The Fog is miles ahead. Still plenty of time to vote though.

That’s all for this report.

Take care… stay safe… something something moonbeam roads.