The Mekano Set

Adventures in sounds and spaces.

“Like a sexier Human League, like New Order on viagra, like OMD at their most wilfully obscure.” The Devil has The Best Tuna

“Filthy electro-rock… like some kind of beautiful crime.” Niall O’Keeffe, NME

“Slick spiky electronic rock that screams darkness beneath a seemingly delicate exterior.” Natasha Scharf, Metal Hammer. 


The latest and strangest from The Mekano Set collects noises new and old along with a seemingly unlikely cover-version: demonstrating that – if and when they choose – the “wilfully obscure” Liverpool Post-Punk collective can deliver “proper songs”; complete with key-changes, moments of clarity and rocking riffage alongside their usual mangled guitar drones and pounding beats.

Darkly psychedelic guitars, Post-Punk beats, noisy sci-fi synth sirens and grinding bass hooks abound. Guaranteed to alienate as much as entertain.

Initially devised as a tribute to their love of all things Hawkwind / Moorcock / Ballard (including a Cornelius tribute sleeve-note rant that has suitably transmogrified into a novel of sorts) Time Fix is out now via Bandcamp and a short-run of cassettes via Stray Recordings / Vampire Car-Chase Records.

“Now it’s dark.”