Ryan Pollie

COSMIC005 (c/o Cosmic Ocean)

You’re waking up now, but you don’t know where. Close by you hear the soft murmur and rush of cool, flowing water. A gentle breeze brings you the sweet, honeyed scent of unfamiliar fauna. You open your eyes slowly, feeling the texture of thick grass beneath both hands. The sky burns, muted, and as you rise you notice a pale moon climbing the sky. Now walk through that dark forest and discover an unknown world. Enter the Museum at the End of Time.

Ryan Pollie’s instrumental cassette comes to you now via Cosmic Ocean. ‘Museum..’ was developed in conjunction with video synthesis artists Nichole & Paul Pichon with the intention of alleviating anxiety through an audio visual trance state. Pollie explains, “the visuals, powered by both analog and digital video synthesisers, were built and rebuilt to become one intuitive interface that assists further in what is promised to be an important if not transcendent moment for the listener/viewer”.