Benge is the artist name of Ben Edwards, the man behind MemeTune, a recording studio and record label dedicated to analogue synthesisers and processing devices, whose myriad circuits and connections hold the ghosts of unknown memories, the glimmer of a forgotten future . . .

Recently Benge published the Expanding Boxset Sampler, tracks from which are on rotation on the BITR playlist. During the four year period between 2002 and 2006 Expanding Records (his other label, run with partner-in-crime Paul Merritt) released a series of seventeen albums on vinyl by artists from all over the world. The albums shared a common vision: to explore the boundaries of instrumental electronic music in a completely uncompromising way. They represent a certain period in music which now, fifteen years on, seems to evoke a unique search for beauty and clarity in an ever more blurred world. All of the original albums by fifteen artists are collected here, presented in their original packaging and in chronological order. They amount to over twelve hours of beautiful electronic music

Buy the vinyl boxset and get the downloadable sampler album (one track from each vinyl record) for free

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