A New Milestone – 20k Downloads!

The Old Pier Bookshop – Morecambe

We have returned from our jaunt to probe the decaying victorian pleasures of Morecambe. High on the heady conjunction of dust from ancient tomes, marvellous victuals and real ales, I bought too much of all of the above as always and it was marvellous.

Old Pier booty

Whilst there I slapped up a patron poll to decide the subject matter for the next Halloween show. Currently Night of the Crabs holds a healthy lead over The Fog in second place. Half of the patrons have voted so far so that may change but I got a second copy for Phil in anticipation. Meanwhile she bagged a copy of The Fog too, so we may end up doing both. Night of the Crabs as the main show and The Fog as a patron extra. I’ll leave the poll up for another week or so.

I also picked up a second copy of The Golden Barge with that lovely Mick van Houten cover, so Phil has done a quick patron draw (rolling a zocchi dice) and that copy will be winging its way to the Lapsed Gamer soon.

Podbean sent me a badge

Whilst away we also passed a nice milestone on Podbean with our downloads on that platform topping 20k. Our combined YouTube views are also closing on 10k too, largely thanks to The Rats and Wheels of Terror episodes that for some reason are big hits (comparatively of course) with some tasteful algorithms somewhere.

I can only thank all of our patrons and listeners for your wonderful support over the past two years.