Moorcock RPGs and the Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly

Moorcock RPGs and the Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly

Phil, Loz and I celebrate an all too brief interlude in lockdown life to drink weird porters and muse upon Moorcock’s treatment at the hands of tabletop role-playing games.

Phil taunts us with her syrupy beer avoidance skills, two-man canoes get far too many mentions and Loz gatekeeps Moorcock RPG play (the rotter).

Also, The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly debuts with chapter one.  There are 5 more to come (and if I don’t get pelted with rottent tomatoes I may write more).

The Jewel in the Skull Part Three

The Jewel in the Skull Part Three

Tash returns from her exile in Sri Lanka and finally we get together after a four month Covid delay to finish The Jewel in the Skull.  Stand by as we flatten the curve!

REEL at the variable sound quality as my Tascam once again has to do some heavy lifting.

MARVEL at the disagreements over the last few chapters.

HOWL at Tash’s toilet allocation of an all new (to me) classification of a certain type of fantasy novel.

SHOEGAZE to the mellow sounds of Breakfast in the Ruins by the mighty Giantkind.

The Eternal Champion Part Two

The Eternal Champion Part Two

We’re back.

The Eternal Champion continues on his crusade to defeat the enemies of humanity and further proves himself an absolute duffer with the ladies.

Phil reveals a penchant for watching extreme violence against Ewan McGregor and Channing Tatum.

I wring my hands at the horror of it all.


The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly – Audio Version (Work in Progress)

I’ve been thinking about how to vary the content on the show and one of the ideas generated is to do an ‘audio book’ version of an old write-up of one of Loz’s Moorcock themed games from a few years years ago.

Gerard Arthur Connelly is a character I created over 25 years ago (perhaps more) and have returned to regularly over the years. Being lazy and just playing variations of the same bod seems suitably Moorcockian.

I’ve shared some of the progress to date with patrons and, as nobody has told me it’s shit, I’ve done some more AND added some music. It’s still a work in progress and the atmosphere music is just to plug a gap until I get around to doing something original for it (probably with some help from Neil and Johnny Royale).  I also realised when I got to the last chapter it was never finished so I haven’t recorded that yet. Will have to have a big splurge on the writing front if I decide to continue with it.

Once the individual chapters have had some more attention they’ll probably end up being dropped at the end of regular shows as an episodic deal or, if they don’t really end up working they’ll just stay on the Patreon site as oddities for our glorious patrons.

July is looking like a busier month (at last), I should have The Eternal Champ ep 2 uploaded this week, I’m catching up with Natasha a week tomorrow to round off The Jewel in the Skull and later this month Loz and I will embark upon our tour of the Corum books.

In other news the Gollancz Collection is finally almost complete. They may lack inspiring covers but they are definitive texts and are excellent reading copies. Sadly a lot of my older 60s, 70s and 80s editions are getting a bit fragile.

Finally for today, I just concluded play on Dirk the Dice’s terrific three-part Hawkmoon RPG scenario Casa De Mercurio. It was a ton of fun with a great plot, tons of Moorcockian flavour and a great group of players.

Incidentally, Dirk’s latest episode of The Grognard Files is all about the Hawkmoon Role-Playing Game and other associated bits and bobs. It’s required listening as always. Even if you’re not a gamer Dirk and Blythy’s observations on the Hawkmoon series of novels and the games they inspired are as astute, warm and informative as ever. Check it out here.

The Eternal Champion Part One

The Eternal Champion Part One

We’re back in Derry & Toms roof gardens to mull over 1970’s The Eternal Champion, the novel debut of Erekosë/John Daker.

It’s got everything. Bad pronunciation, silly names and nudity.

Phil returns to the co-host chair, we drink Old-Fashioneds and draw comparisons between Noonos and Grimsby, adding that ancient port-town to our list of mildly insulted settlements.

We have a brand new logo (actually a suite of logos) by the brilliant Simon Perrins (@hf_tf on Twitter). Check out his fabulous work at https://cjthorpe1.myportfolio.com/ and pay him cash money to draw you stuff.

Since the last show Dirk over at The Grognard Files asked me on to do a turn on his My First, My Last, My Everything spot. I thoroughly enjoyed it and you can find that episode here. If you didn’t know anything about Lyonesse by Jack Vance before listen to this and you’ll be all over it. While you’re there listen to all of his other shows too. They’re brilliant.

We also have a new patron, Jim. He runs a small press publisher and is working on a guide to Elric collectables. Pay him a visit.

Finally thanks to everyone out there that has stayed interested and enquired about the show. You’re great motivators.

Stay safe and I’ll see you on the moonbeam roads.

Entropic State Update – 27.03.20

This is a composite of two recent patreon posts.

The world is a funny place right now and, with Hussein experiencing a very difficult bereavement and Tash stuck in Sri Lanka, the BitR schedule is naturally taking a back seat to events.

As a result it will be a wee while before we get back to Jerry Cornelius on the podcast. Hussein was brilliant on the Phase One show and I have no wish to continue on to Phase Two with anyone else but Hussein so it’s on hold.

The more I learn about and see how the current world crisis is unfolding, the more I’m convinced that the Jerry Cornelius stories are as relevant today as when they were written. A few days before the pubs were closed Phil and I were sitting in a Bradford pub called The Corn Dolly with a small handful of locals and listening to them talking of flash mobs fighting over bog roll in Tesco. The landlord was speaking about his holiday, due to commence on Monday, being cancelled due to the destination country closing its borders. Meanwhile I was reading an Italian nurse’s blog on my phone in which she described ‘war-like’ conditions in her hospital and deaths of her colleagues due to ‘the virus’.

If Shaky Mo had come in and tried to sell me some ‘ludes and stolen army gasmasks from an old Derry & Tom’s carrier bag he wouldn’t have seemed out of place.

At times like this I wish I had the talent to do some Jerry Cornelius fan fiction, but I’ll just have to settle for getting something off the shelf for Phil and I to cover. Now we’re under lockdown we’re determined to fill our time with constructive activity lest we murder each other or end up like Steven and Fran in Dawn of the Dead.  That would be terrible, particularly as it would mean I’d end up a zombie and Phil would fly off in a helicopter with young Ken Foree.

I’m just not down with that.

So, we are going to set ourselves a target of doing a show every weekend (setting myself up to fail there I’m sure). We have no idea whether this will work but we’re gonna have a go and in the meantime I’m going to figure out remote recording so we can pick up the schedule with Loz, Tash (if she ever gets back home) and hopefully one or two others.

Phil favours covering the first Erekosë novel but I’m going to dig out some other old stuff that Pops gave me to give us another potential switch from Moorcock.  There are a few options when I think back on it and I still have a number of those  original copies kicking about so we’ll see what we’ll see.

Stay safe out there and we’ll see you on the other side (on the moonbeam roads, obviously).

Moorcock Shelfies 05 with @Zen_Sunni

With all this weirdness and anxiety rattling around right now, friend of the show Nis aka @Zen_Sunni landed in my DMs with impeccable timing to get me back on track and remind me what’s important.


I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of those early 90s (late 80s?) oversized Millennium editions, despite the fact that they’re not overly practical for bedtime readers such as myself. They weigh a bloody ton.

When they were re-released in snack size a few years later I missed the boat with them, although I did pick up the Corum volume in Penzance a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for the pics Nis. You’ve reminded me that I really need to pull my finger out, get all of my editions in one place and snap them for the blog.

Michael Moorcock by Wyrmwalk

I finally found a reason to look at Instagram beyond my daily ‘like’ of Dave Mosley’s postings of ace paperback covers – I see you arkwright99.

There’s a ton of great art on there and I happened across the work of Wyrmwalk and it’s brilliant stuff. In particular I was taken by a charcoal image of Moorcock and, after looking at his posts on there, I realised this was a guy I could shovel a whole lot of money at (and at some point I will do).

For now though I dropped him a line and he agreed, for a very modest price, to turn around a Moorcock head sketch for the podcast and he really came through.

He’s also a top guy. Check out his work on Instagram and at his website http://www.wyrmwalk.com. It’s glorious.

At some point soon I’m intending to do a quick overhaul of the presentation of the podcast across all platforms and this is a great start. I can now also add the original sketch (which should be winging its way to me over the Atlantic – crazy world developments permitting) to the superb pieces already on the wall at Derry and Tom’s courtesy of Clint Langley and Simon Perrins.

As for the podcast itself we’ve experienced a slight delay in the itinerary due to one of Team Ruins suffering a tragic and sudden bereavement. Therefore Phil and I will be plucking something from the shelf over the next week or so and having a chinwag about it.

Meanwhile stay safe friends. We live in interesting times. I hope to see you soon on the moonbeam roads.


Phil and I have just spent a marvellous few days in Penzance, Cornwall. A combination of ancient pubs, excellent seafood and shopping for old books has ensured we’ve managed to do everything we love when away from the daily grind that constitutes ‘normal’ life.

There’s something about the British coastal town that I can’t resist. Coming from a port town (or port towns, Phil is from the opposite side of the Humber Estuary) ensures that we feel at home with the salty air and the unique combination of ancient historical buildings and more modern, run-down, charity shop dominated high streets.

Yesterday I finalised the last episode covering Elric of Melniboné with Loz and we’ve confirmed that our next show together will commence coverage of The Knight of Swords. Fitting then that I had a view out over the bay to Moidel’s Mount (St Michael’s Mount in our World) as I completed the final edits.

Even more fittingly, today we hopped on a train to Redruth where we discovered a fabulous second hand books and comics shop called The Idler. Not only did I find a tidy copy of the first Corum trilogy (as well as a couple of other less salubrious items in the shape of two of John Norman’s Gor series), but I had a good chinwag with the proprietor too. Lovely fellow. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods give The Idler a look.

After resisting the urge earlier in the week I also caved in and picked up a tidy, signed first edition of The Dragon in the Sword from an Oxfam shop in Penzance. So it’s been a good week all round.

This evening we’re eating at the pub just by the causeway over to Moidel’s Mount. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the Brown Man of Laahr.

Episode 08 – Elric of Melniboné Part Three w/ @lozbearfield

Elric of Melniboné part three

Loz is back as we conclude our coverage of the 1972 Moorcock novel Elric of Melniboné.

Join us as we are horrified by a challenging beer and Loz offends Scunthorpe (as well as narrowly avoiding a date with Dannus). As usual we struggle with pronunciation and saying The Ship That Sails Over Land and Water.

Elric of Melniboné adaptation by Roy Thomas and P Craig Russell