Spirits Burning w/ Don Falcone

Spirits Burning with Don Falcone
Cover art by Keith A Donald

We’re back with another look at Moorcockian music, this time in the company of Don Falcone, captain of the starship Spirits Burning, long time collaborative portal for progressive and space rock projects involving luminaries from across the rock field, most recently Michael Moorcock himself with their last two albums  being musical adaptations of the Dancers at the End of Time trilogy. 

We talk Moorcock (obviously) and Don’s influences and history as a musician and producer, as well as a few other bits n’ bobs as we go.

The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly continues with Chapter 10 and an unusual encounter (score and atmos again by @nand_soundtrax).

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Moorcockian Music – Addendum

Our latest show, exploring new worlds of Moorcock inspired music in the company of the artist known as Elric and our very own Patron Demon, The Guljas, is doing brisk business and is on track to be our fastest downloaded show to date!

Since it was uploaded I’ve had some great conversations too, with some other music projects being thrown my way that are deserving of attention.

Our man Clarkey put me on to Italian power metal outfit Domine.  From the outset they wore their influences on their sleeve (literally) with 1997’s release Champion Eternal, and they followed up with numerous Bob Howard and Moorcock influenced material, frequently featuring Elric on their cover art.  A regular fixture across their releases is the epic and multipart track The Chronicle of the Black Sword.

They haven’t released anything since 2007 as far as I can tell, but they still have an active presence on social media and are still gigging.  If power metal is your thing they deserve a look.

More recently I came across Canadian outfit Smoulder via their track Ilian of Garathorm.  They’ve released an album and an EP, easily available via Bandcamp, and they’ve got it all… chunky chest beating riffs, a cracking rhythm section and, to top it off, powerful, melodic vocals and epic, heroic fantasy inspired tales to tell.

Finally, coming very much from the more classic NWOBHM inspired end of the metal spectrum, Eternal Champion have been knocking out some galloping goodness with a strong Moorcock influence and, in the tradition of their classic metal forebears, have got faster, crisper and more intricate over the time they’ve been active.  Their last release, Ravening Iron, dropped in November last year and it’s a beast.

If there’s anyone else out there doing Arioch’s work, drop me a line.


The Knight of the Swords Book Two

The Knight of the Swords Book Two

Loz returns as we head up to the Roof Garden to ruminate over Corum’s endless jawing with a slightly dubious sorceror in The Knight of the Swords Book Two.

Multiple varieties of pants are considered along with a couple of actually palatable beers. Progress I say!

Meanwhile, Gerard Arthur Connelly and co reach Grevenburg.

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Episode 03 – Elric of Melniboné Part one

Elric of Melniboné Part one

Loz is back with me at Derry and Tom’s as we tackle the 1972 novel Elric of Melniboné.

We have a few drinks and muse upon Elric’s early pre-wanderer, Stormbringerless years on the Ruby Throne of Imrryr.

We also ponder the news of a possible Elric TV show and attempt to get comfortable on Lord Shark’s Ostentatious Couch (spoiler, we don’t).

Episode 01 – Elric part 1 – The Dreaming City

The Dreaming City

Join Loz and I as we discuss the first published Elric story, The Dreaming City.

Loz is an old friend and fellow traveller of the moonbeam roads and will be a regular contributor.

In this, the first full-blooded episode of Breakfast in the Ruins we take a look at the first published story featuring (arguably) Michael Moorcock’s most enduring creation, the moody albino warrior-sorcerer-emperor-wanderer Elric.

As discussed in the episode, be sure to check out the Stormbringer episodes of The Grognard Files (available at https://thegrognardfiles.com/tag/stormbringer/)

Thanks to Neil (@nelbert1 on twitter) for the ace support and Jonny Royale for the enthusiasm and positivity that ensured I got on and did this.

The music in this episode is by Giantkind, by kind permission of Loz & Neil!

1967 Lancer edition of Stormbringer