Entropic State Report 27th September 2020

After some unfortunate events transpired to delay us, Hussein and I finally got to recording The Final Programme Phase Two. We tested the technology, recorded online and, barring a slight hiccup at my end that was mitigated by using Zoom’s recording feature as back up, it all worked swimmingly.

The Eternal Champion Part Three (with Phil) is recorded too and I’ll be editing that this evening with the intention of getting it out tomorrow, with TFP pt 2 following over the next week or so.

Now I’ve figured out online recording and it actually worked (and by this I mean I figured out how to get a nice, rich(ish) recording rather than rely on a zoom recording function which has all the quality of a decent phone call), I’ll be looking to get more in the diary.

Those of you on Twitter and/or Instagram will have seen the poll that has identified The Warhound and the World’s Pain as Phil’s next reading homework and we’ll make sure we get to that in the next few weeks. I haven’t read it since the 80s, but my copy is the same one I took to Pops for reading material when he was in hospital approaching the end of his time. Quite apt really. Pops was gone many years before podcasts were a thing but without him I would never have been in the position to do this podcast so that will have some additional resonance for me. This is all really in his honour.

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