Breakfast in the Ruins is One Year Old!

It’s true, it’s a whole year since we uploaded Episode 0 – An Introduction to Breakfast in the Ruins.

Baffling really. 

As one gets older the years fly by ever more fleetingly but this one, for a variety of reasons, really has been a headlong flash of some weird combination of events that were hitherto unforeseeable. Politics, a pandemic, lockdowns, chronic lack of trouser wearing… it’s had it all!

In another way though last summer, when I first started gestating the podcast idea properly, seems half a lifetime ago.  I’m so pleased I chose that specific time to kick all of this off, because if I hadn’t had this to escape into from time to time, and if I hadn’t had the positive social networks of like-minded folk that have sprung from this, it would have been a tougher year.

So listeners, thanks for listening.

Patrons, thanks for your support.

Simon P, thanks for all of your terrific work, including the above.

Take care, stay safe and I’ll see you on the moonbeam roads.


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