Moorcockian Music – Addendum the Second

Encore at the End of Time by Rodney Matthews

Since putting out our latest show, exploring new worlds of Moorcock inspired music in the company of the artist known as Elric and our very own Patron Demon, The Guljas, I received some very groovy recommendations and discovered some other magic  inspired by the Big Man via Bandcamp.

Since then I’ve found some more absolutely banging stuff that I need to share.

First up, Hawkmoonmor from the Ukraine.  They only have two EPs on there but they are pure Moorcockian rock magic.  The Red Amulet  EP has the title track (based upon the Mad God’s Amulet) as well as The End of All Songs and another track dedicated to someone or other called Frodo (weird name).  Their older EP, from way back in 1999, despite being called Hawkmoon’s Tales consists of two tracks, The Elric Saga/Straasha’s Deeps and Corum.  Hawkmoonmor play a doom-laden blend of noise metal, ambient soundtrack and hints of melodic rock.  Well worth a look and super atmospheric.

Sticking with the Hawkmoon vibe, the Duke of Koln also serves as the title for some electronica with tracks from Black Falcon and some more trippy dance music c/o Bstep

As I mentioned last time around, Bandcamp is just a treasure trove and it’s my go-to site for new music.  Looking into Moorcock inspired music has opened up a portal to the 15 worlds.

Elric is never far away from the Metal Realms and Newcastle’s Starborn are a good example of how mighty riffs, thundering drums and soaring vocals are always a good match for the pale prince.  Their second long player The Dreaming City is a great place to start.

Flipping back over the aisle again I also found another artist called Imrryr and their album, also called The Dreaming City   This time the full album is  directly an adaptation in musical form, with song titles directly drawn from the Elric saga.  The bandcamp description of them being purveyors of bleak electronica and experimental music is bang on the money, and if that floats your quaintly shaped boat, this should be an instant port of call.  In nicely Moorcockian fashion you can also find an alternative version of the album called The Dreaming City (Revisited) that has some overhauls of certain tracks as well as all new ones. Highly recommended and worthy of a few sheckels to support!

Finally, if you’re in the market for an epic electronic orchestral suite (with the odd break beat), see PRINCE ELRIC by Glitched Orchestrals, described by the artist as a symphonic poem inspired by the Elric novels of Michael Moorcock. 

EDIT: Allister Thompson on the twitter just pointed me to the epic drone synth ambience of Melniboné from his album Ancient Metals under the moniker The Gateless Gate.

Doubtless there’s tons more great stuff out there. If I’m missing anything drop me a line.

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