Entropic State Report 16th February 2021 – DANNUS

My friends,

As previously mentioned, Tash and I are in a quest to find the perfect One-Shit Book. After she coined the phrase when describing The Jewel in the Skull (almost perfect) we always knew this would be a question for the ages. Does such a thing exist?

We’ve set out to find out.

As Pops gave me a number of crappy books as well as the great ones back in the day, I pulled a contender from the shelf. With my tongue in my cheek perhaps, but a contender nevertheless in the shape of:

Dannus: The Dark Straits of Reglathium.

I’d already tried to sucker Loz into covering the 4th Dannus epic but he wriggled and evaded the hook. Therefore Tash ended up on it.

However… There are challenges. The images below provide a brief look inside of our process and the tangles and complex negotiations that take place in establishing our agenda for a show. And we haven’t even started on our rum choices yet!

There is time yet for another lapse in Tash’s resolve but do not fear friends… I’m determined that we do this so you don’t have to.

Stay tuned for more on…


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