Entropic State Report 12th March 2021

It’s been a productive few weeks here at Derry & Toms.

The chapbook version of The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly Volume 01 is nearing completion, with some fabulous art arriving c/o Neil Burton to accompany the superb portrait and design work of Simon Perrins. Hopefully not too long now before it can be shared with patrons.

Staying with Lieutenant Connelly for a moment, N Λ N D and I are also revisiting the earlier episodes of the Journal to re-record and re-score them to drag the quality of my earlier efforts up and into line with episodes 8 – 10.  Along with some cracking N Λ N D compositions inspired by the Journal we may, at some point, put it all out on Bandcamp as free/pay-what-you-want WOTW style ‘story album’ (is that how you’d describe it…? I dunno).

Meanwhile, a friend of mine pointed out a radio app called Radio Garden. It’s a terrific way to spend time roaming the globe discovering stations and learning a thing or two about tastes around the globe (I for example had no idea that the remote sub-arctic Russian city of Arkhangelsk was so firmly committed to hard core techno).  The interface is also excellent and it led me to thinking about how one would go about setting up an internet radio station.  Anyway, long story short, I set up BITR Breakfast in the Ruins Radio and this morning Phil found it on Radio Garden. What a buzz!

As well as using it as another outlet for the show, I’m delighted that some fellow Moorcock enthusiasts and patrons of this show are happy to have their cracking tunes gracing the station too, so Corum, SÖNUS, N Λ N D, Apkallu of Enmerkar and Giantkind are all on there and we’ll be doing some additional bits n bobs to drop into the schedule.  

In show-related news, we have some more material in the can awaiting editing including Tash’s next appearance as we try to dredge our way through a potential one-shit book, and a great discussion with a new guest around Moorcock and gaming for part two of our look at Moorcock in RPGs.

It appears we will also soon conclude our deep dive into The Final Programme with Hussein.

Right, that’s it from me for now.

Take care, stay safe, and I’ll see you soon… on the moonbeam roads.

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