Entropic State Report 21st April 2021

Dear friends,

As mentioned in the last report, my travails in the editing booth assembling the rum soaked ramblings of Tash and I regarding…


…have been challenging, but the process is complete and a new show will be out in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the third and final part of our Moorcockian RPGs triptych is approaching completion with a great talk with friend of the show Rob AKA @oldshabbygamer, host of the Confessions of a Wee Tim’rous Bushee podcast. Rounding that out will be a discussion with the stout chaps that braved my rusty GM skills and played some Stormbringer 3rd edition. Following that we’ll leave gaming alone for a while, but I do want to thank Tanya Floaker AKA @timeoftribes for extending the hand of gaming friendship to Loz and I and introducing us to the marvellous game Houses of the Blooded! It was a terrific experience and the gang we played with were really welcoming. Tanya mentioned that she’d used it in the past to run a game of Melnibonean nobility and I can see how perfectly that system would accommodate it.

Also, on the back of the last show talking Stormhack! I got to play in a con game run by Ralph and experienced the system first hand. It did not disappoint and I encourage you to support his work on this game over at his itch.io page and, of course, listen to his Fictoplasm podcast.

Other things in the pipeline include getting back to Moorcock re-reads with Phil, Hussein (finally completing our psychedelic trip into The Final Programme) and Loz, and more forays into Moorcockian music. Also, we’ve tentatively discussed looking into New Worlds and Wizardry and Wild Romance with a couple of all-new guests. Very exciting!

Right, that’s all for now. Stay safe and I’ll see you soon on t’moonbeam roads.


PS Now socially distant cafe visits are a thing again, Phil and I visited our habitual Saturday morning stomping ground the Rooftop Cafe. It’s a venue with lots of space, fantastic food and a terrific view. As the year goes by perhaps we’ll give some thought to Moorcock RooftopCon for 2022 if there was any interest. A couple of games maybe, a showing of Fuest’s The Final Programme, a live panel for a future show? Loads of booze? We’ll see.

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