Entropic State Report 20th June 2021

We’re almost half way through the year and things are hotting up. With our gabbing with SÖNUS and Imrryr fired across the void last week I got down to recording again on Friday night and a new show will be up in the next week or so. My latest guest is podcast royalty. Dirk the Dice of The Grognard Files joined me to talk Wizardy and Wild Romance. We had a few tasty vittels along the way too.

Meanwhile, for those of you that have been enjoying the latest episodes of the audio version of The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly, you’ll be familiar with the soundscapes of N Ʌ N D and the tunes that have played the show out on a couple of occasions.

Well, the N Ʌ N D bandcamp page is now live and new tracks are being added. One of the best things about dusting off that 10 year old word doc and folding GAC into the podcast has been the opportunity to share the steering wheel with great artists like Neil Burton and Simon Perrins (and soon Ed Scott in volume 2). To be able to add the chance to hook up again with an old mate of almost 30 years (with a significant gap without contact for most of that time) and collaborate on the audio journal and then hear these compositions is amazing and inspiring.

Work on the Journal, audio and written, is progressing nicely. I’ve learned a thing or two since the first half dozen or so instalments, and after the introduction of the N Ʌ N D scores from chapter 8 onwards we decided to re-record and re-score the earlier ones to match the higher quality. At the moment I’m the one holding that up as I get my technique nailed. More to come on that soon.

Other pending shows mentioned in the last report will be going under the mic in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading folks and I’ll see you soon… On the moonbeam roads.

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