Entropic State Report 16th July 2021

Over half way through the year already and here in blighty we have the now traditionally farcical approach to trying to regain some semblance of normality dominating the news cycle. Cases are on the up again whilst our overlords declare ‘freedom day’ to almost be upon us.

It’s a bit of a mess, as usual.

Therefore remote recording remains de rigeur for the most part BUT Loz is popping over at the weekend for a few silly beverages and we’re looking at some short stories from Pawn of Chaos, a collection of eternal champion tales by various authors.

EDIT: Covid has pissed on our chips once more and we have to delay a fortnight or so. I had some truly stupid beers lined up too. They will be put aside and saved.

Also on the slate, Phil and I are still doing City of the Beast aka Warriors of Mars when we get some time (she’s been ridiculously busy with her work as an NHS Angel). Coming up next week I’m talking to Allister Thompson about his Moorcock inspired music and his hugely entertaining debut novel The Music of the Spheres, and after another aborted launch August will see the return of Hussein as we conclude The Final Programme with Phase Three.

I’ve had some groovy messages over the last few weeks and Nine Princes in Amber continues to surface as the most likely candidate for our next excursion into the wider content of Pops’s bookshelf.

In other news, our guest from a few weeks back Ralph Lovegrove (Stormhack) invited me into his virtual podcast studio to look at the Strugatsky classic Roadside Picnic. Not only was it great to revisit it and the Tarkovsky movie adaptation Stalker, but Ralph is a top fella and it was great fun hopping on to another show. You can listen to episode 97 of the Fictoplasm podcast here.

Finally, Chapter 11 of the Journal is written and 12 is prepped in draft. I’ve made some progress with my recording set up so the grand revisit of the audio versions of chapters 1 to 7 is underway. Meanwhile, the creative machine N Λ N D has unleashed the album Journal on Bandcamp, a suite of tracks inspired by the adventures of GAC and thematically linked to the soundtracks to the audio episodes. It’s terrific. Also, our very own @opensussex aka Apkallu of Enmerkar aka Decanids, in collaboration with N Λ N D, has released an astounding adaptation of The Black Corridor on Bandcamp. We’ll be looking at that and the book in due course.

Right. That’s all for now. Take care, stay safe and I’ll see you again soon… on the Moonbeam Roads.


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