Entropic State Report 5th August 2021

Following a great episode shooting the breeze with author and musician Allister Thompson the first of the three patron giveaways has been spotted in the wilds of California (thanks to Malpertuis for the pic).  The other two should be winging their way to the other winners as I type.

The schedule for upcoming shows continues to alter and mutate in response to various issues and, sadly, the first in-person recording with Loz for a year had to be bumped again due to the usual issues that I’m sick of mentioning in these reports… but we will overcome. As it happens, we had been planning to do a couple of short stories but a twitter conversation has nudged us onto a slightly different course and we’re mulling over… THE REVENGE OF THE ROSE.

My intention all along had been to go in some kind of chronological order with this podcast, but at our current rate it will be 2029 before we tackle some really great subjects so we might just have to say sod it and jump about a bit.

Hussein and I are still trying to pin down a slot to finish The Final Programme too. In this case it’s weddings that keep getting in the way! And Robbo will be back at some point to pick up where we left off with Wheels of Terror, but he always seems to be on bloody holiday the waster.

Meanwhile Tash is moving castles, but the good news there is that her new pile is about half an hour closer so that’s progress. Recording remotely with Tash just isn’t the same. Of course that goes for all of my co-hosts and guests but the rum-soaked hours spent with Tash just… well… more so. I also miss out on that banging Trini cuisine.

As evidenced from the choppy audio quality on the show with Allister, some of my tech has decided to be a pain in the arse too and I’ve had to postpone a couple of other guest appearances over the last month or so but I’ll be getting back to them as soon as they’re resolved. Meanwhile though I have my trusty Tascam available so Phil and I can record our take on City of the Beast independently of that so that’s our plan for this weekend.

On the Journal front, I recently completed chapter 12 and have probably one more to go to close out the second act of Connelly’s journey through the miasma.  It’s been a while since the audio chapters have featured on the podcast but we hope to correct that soonish, although it may be in a few more episodes’ time as the demands on N Λ N D are not insignificant (and I need to pull my finger out and record the vocals with my new improved set up, although that is also dependent upon my PC behaving).  Once 13 is written however I’ll be able to start layout and the next chapbook with all new art c/o Ed and Simon will hopefully be available mid-autumn.

In the meantime, you can continue to stay in touch with the sounds of the million spheres via the N Λ N D and DECADNIDS albums Journal and The Black Corridor. We’ve also had a few more additions to the Breakfast in the Ruins Radio playlist and you can find the details on BITR.com 

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