My Experiences in the Third World War

My Experiences in the Third World War

Finally, we’re back at Derry & Toms to take a look at the 1980 Moorcock collection My Experiences in the Third World War. Along the way Phil and I compare notes regarding our mindsets in the 1980s, laugh at the preposterous Controller and let fate decide on the Wandering Traumatic Nuclear War Film Table.

Also, on this occasion we might not offend a small town in the UK, but potentially all of Canada. But seriously what DOES ‘pie-dish of privilege and broken promises’ really mean?

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CONTENT WARNING – there are discussions in this show regarding sexual violence and exploitation

2 thoughts on “My Experiences in the Third World War

  1. Love your podcast. I’m Canadian, and I love Toronto (lived there for 7 years) but your friends who visited were right: it’s nice, neat, good restaurants, nice parks, but still somehow as dull as drying paint. Now I’ll have to track down a copy of MEITTWW

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Aaron!
      I do regret the loss of Toronto Wolfpack to the Superleague. We were determined to visit. Perhaps we will one day anyway.
      If you can find the Savoy edition it’s well worth picking up for the inclusion of the Jerry Cornelius comic strip by Mal Dean which, sadly, is missing from the Gollancz edition.


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