Entropic State Report 30th June 2022

We’ve returned from a wonderful sojourn to one of our Zen places… Morecambe. Morecambe has that perfect blend of urban decay, old Victorian seaside glamour and a perfect bay. Not to mention great boozers, cake and The Old Pier Bookshop.

As usual we picked up far too many books, not only from The Old Pier but also via trips to Lancaster and Grange-Over-Sands. Even better we hooked up again with Ian AKA @biomassart and his lovely partner Angie for libations, although no pickled eggs on this occasion sadly.

Probably the most significant pick-ups were from Morecambe. Phil and I decided that we should do an Old Pier Special, the subject of which would be whatever pulp scifi or fantasy we could find two copies of (one for each of us). We ended up with E.C. Tubb’s The Winds of Gath, the first in a 35-odd series of short scifi adventures focusing on the travels and travails of Earl Dumarest of Terra. We got our reading done so will be recording that soon. As it happens, I had about twenty of those books back in the day c/o Pops but I never read any of them and, when I moved over to Bradford, they went to charity shops in the great cull. After reading the first instalment though, I may be headed down the rabbit-hole as, a few shops later and after a bit of internet shopping, I’ve amassed a dozen of them again. Place face-palm gif here.

Over at Grange-Over-Sands, in the fabulous Daisyroots Books, I found a couple of nice and tidy 70s Scifi Book Club editions of John Brunner books. I’ve picked up many Brunners over the years and still have the copy of Stand on Zanzibar that I got from Pops. Therefore it is time methinks to put John on our schedule. One for later in the year perhaps. Or 2033. Who knows.

In other news, listeners will be aware that the last six chapters of the audio version of the Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly have been marvellously and atmospherically scored by N Λ N D. We’ve also previously discussed the standalone album project that spun out from volume one. That album is now available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music and soon to be on Amazon Music too. Even better, Vol. 2 is just around the corner and will follow later in the summer. An early release from that second album, Gallery of the Lost, is available now.

Staying with Moorcockian Music, Imrryr remains as busy as ever and this month released his opus interpretation of The Black Corridor. At current count Imrryr has an incredible 29 releases on his bandcamp page and you can bag them all for an incredibly decent price. They include a range of bleak, experimental electronica inspired by not only Moorcock, but Alastair Reynolds, Frank Herbert, Phillip K Dick and others.

In podcasts, a few days ago I hooked up with Rob AKA Menion to talk Moorcock and genre fiction for his podcast, Confessions of a Wee Tim’rous Bushi. We had a tipple and chewed the fat about all sorts of digressions. We almost got onto gaming but not quite. Maybe next time. That will be out soon and thanks Rob for having me. It was great fun.

Finally, massive thanks to Dave AKA SÖNUS for stepping into the breach and talking about The Mad God’s Amulet Book One last time around. And additional thanks Dave for the official Usurper of the Universe cassette tape-a-ma-tron! These are still available direct or via Forbidden Place Records.

That’s all for this update other than to say TFP Phase Four (The Last Days of Man on Earth) remains delayed until H and I can hook up again following the last postponement.

Have fun out there.


2 thoughts on “Entropic State Report 30th June 2022

  1. A bit off-topic, but thought I’d better let you all know that, the new site address for, Moorcock’s Miscellany, is:


    This replaces, Multiverse.org, which is being usurped by some kind of unrelated educational website.

    Reinart der Fuchs, the Miscellany’s Chief Engineer, explains all, here:


    Mr The Fox & myself, do not use social media, these days, so if you could spread the word, on Twitter and further afield, that would be most excellent!

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