Entropic State Report 7th October 2022

It’s Friday and another week is down, so best wishes and hearty cheers to all of you, even those that may yet have some work to undertake this weekend – I raise a glass in salutations as you await your moment.

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Derry and Toms, what with The Mad God’s Amulet Book Two making its way out into the spheres and the next show in the can and awaiting a good editing. That particular show is a timely one as we take a look at The Black Corridor and, along with Derek AKA Imrryr and a cameo from our old Duckpond Sailor friend Graham, we muse upon just how relevant it feels in this age of populist nutjobs, demigoguery and rampant knobheadery. That show will be out in a week or two.

I had been due to record with an all new guest this past weekend but the covid booster I had on Saturday morning wiped out all of my weekend plans. This new variant I had was called Spikevax. 


It spiked the shit out of me so, whomever gave it that tag must have known their stuff. Anyway, apologies to Andy Darby and we’ll get something in the diary as soon as possible.

It’s also getting to that time of year and although our patreon poll is still open, it’s highly unlikely The Fog will get overhauled. So Phil and I have been picking out our editions and we will be joined in this endeavour by Graham so expect some tasty/nasty hoots in three weeks or so.

In other reading news, I somehow continue to punish myself by reading Alien tie-in novels but I’ve stalled halfway through a particular stinker. Set in 2186 (give or take) it’s the first one I’ve read that features the ‘British’ colony New Albion (groan) and it hits all the checkboxes for colossally irritating, theme park horseshit depictions of British culture that I usually find in 80s RPG supplements (for a particularly egregious example see the Twilight 2000 Survivor’s Guide to the United Kingdom). Not satisfied with all of the colony occupants saying ‘best of British’ to each other, it even has Brexit analogies and a faux B*ris J*hns*n character. Just what I want in a grim, gritty corporate future scifi tale. I will make it through it. I will. I will brook no defeat in even the shittiest of books.


Right. It’s time I logged off and opened a stupid beer of some description, so for those able to join me (whatever your poison, be it booze, a cuppa or plain old aqua) here’s to your good health and thanks for your ongoing support.

Cheers and see you again soon…

…on the Moonbeam Roads.

2 thoughts on “Entropic State Report 7th October 2022

  1. Just to let you know, Goodman Games are hosting a live Twitch chat with Mr. Moorcock Saturday Oct 8 4pm PST (midday tomorrow in New Zealand as I write this!).
    All the Best,

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