Entropic State Report 6th December 2022 – RELEASE DATE

It’s finally release day* for the new Elric novel, The Citadel of Forgotten Myths. If you’re in the UK I hope your delivery isn’t delayed too badly by the mail strikes. Solidarity with Royal Mail staff btw – I can wait – also Neil Burton and I were very fortunate to receive advanced reader copies from Joe at SAGA. I’ve been bashing my way through it and look forward to eventually covering it here on BitR.

If you haven’t seen it already you can enjoy MM discussing it on Forbidden Planet TV.

In other news, last night I was delighted to record with Hoi and Jeff as a guest on the Appendix N Book Club talking about Operation Chaos by Poul Anderson. That was a rare treat for me as I love their show and that episode will emerge in late January. If you haven’t listened to their interview with MM already, hop over and do so at your earliest opportunity. It’s terrific.

Meanwhile, in Derry & Toms, Simon Perrins and I had the great pleasure of being able to grill Guy Lawley over his late 80s/ turn of the 90s comic Saga of the Man Elf, his approval from MM and his time working on fanzines and independent comics with a host of business luminaries.

Look out for that in the New Year.

Now Operation Chaos and Man Elf are ticked off though, I can dive through the rusty driver’s hatch** of a mysterious abandoned Sherman and tackle The Devils of D-Day, our Patron’s Choice for the Xmas/Birthday show. We’ll be issuing that one from our boozy HQ in Morecambe on Phil’s and MM’s birthday.

On top of all of that we have a very busy schedule in January where we’ll be talking about bikersploitation, Martian war machines, uncosy catastrophes and lots of other stuff no doubt.

In the meantime take care…

Stay warm and safe…

Load up on cheese footballs/twiglets/[insert festive niche snack here]…

And we’ll see you soon…

On the Moonbeam Roads.

*Technically it’s release week – chalk it up to excitement on my part

**I would never fit through the driver’s hatch of a Sherman

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