New English Library – Bikermania

Andrew Nette returns to Derry & Toms to look at the legendary UK publisher of horror, science fiction and alarmingly violent but sociologically savvy pulps -New English Library. NEL looms large on my shelves but I’ve never delved into their bikersploitation output… UNTIL NOW!

Rum content ahead as we talk about the publisher, the key players behind some of their more exploitative output, and two similar yet very different biker novels from the early 70s:

  • Angels From Hell by Mick Norman


  • The Devil’s Rider by Alex R Stuart

We also refer to Andrew’s groovy book of essays Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, And Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture, 1950 to 1980. Check it out and head on down the rabbit hole…

2 thoughts on “New English Library – Bikermania

  1. Alex R Stuart was Richard Alexander Steuart Gordon, who also wrote as Richard Gordon and Stuart Gordon.


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