Episode 01 – Elric part 1 – The Dreaming City

The Dreaming City

Join Loz and I as we discuss the first published Elric story, The Dreaming City.

Loz is an old friend and fellow traveller of the moonbeam roads and will be a regular contributor.

In this, the first full-blooded episode of Breakfast in the Ruins we take a look at the first published story featuring (arguably) Michael Moorcock’s most enduring creation, the moody albino warrior-sorcerer-emperor-wanderer Elric.

As discussed in the episode, be sure to check out the Stormbringer episodes of The Grognard Files (available at https://thegrognardfiles.com/tag/stormbringer/)

Thanks to Neil (@nelbert1 on twitter) for the ace support and Jonny Royale for the enthusiasm and positivity that ensured I got on and did this.

The music in this episode is by Giantkind, by kind permission of Loz & Neil!

1967 Lancer edition of Stormbringer

2 thoughts on “Episode 01 – Elric part 1 – The Dreaming City

  1. “…we ravage the coasts of a score of lesser nations…”.

    Interesting passage as it gives the impression of a much bigger Young Kingdoms than we know from the existing maps. There are what, about 15 countries in the SB1 map including Melniboné? I know a few more nations have been added in recent stories but still gives me as a GM carte blanche to add smaller nations between established major countries.


    1. Yeah, I think that first Elric story definitely reflects the revisionist habits of MM as he developed the world, character and lore. That intro from Stealer of Souls was removed from all subsequent reissues of The Dreaming City for similar reasons, he hadn’t yet written Stormbringer.


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