Michael Moorcock by Wyrmwalk

I finally found a reason to look at Instagram beyond my daily ‘like’ of Dave Mosley’s postings of ace paperback covers – I see you arkwright99.

There’s a ton of great art on there and I happened across the work of Wyrmwalk and it’s brilliant stuff. In particular I was taken by a charcoal image of Moorcock and, after looking at his posts on there, I realised this was a guy I could shovel a whole lot of money at (and at some point I will do).

For now though I dropped him a line and he agreed, for a very modest price, to turn around a Moorcock head sketch for the podcast and he really came through.

He’s also a top guy. Check out his work on Instagram and at his website http://www.wyrmwalk.com. It’s glorious.

At some point soon I’m intending to do a quick overhaul of the presentation of the podcast across all platforms and this is a great start. I can now also add the original sketch (which should be winging its way to me over the Atlantic – crazy world developments permitting) to the superb pieces already on the wall at Derry and Tom’s courtesy of Clint Langley and Simon Perrins.

As for the podcast itself we’ve experienced a slight delay in the itinerary due to one of Team Ruins suffering a tragic and sudden bereavement. Therefore Phil and I will be plucking something from the shelf over the next week or so and having a chinwag about it.

Meanwhile stay safe friends. We live in interesting times. I hope to see you soon on the moonbeam roads.

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