Phil and I have just spent a marvellous few days in Penzance, Cornwall. A combination of ancient pubs, excellent seafood and shopping for old books has ensured we’ve managed to do everything we love when away from the daily grind that constitutes ‘normal’ life.

There’s something about the British coastal town that I can’t resist. Coming from a port town (or port towns, Phil is from the opposite side of the Humber Estuary) ensures that we feel at home with the salty air and the unique combination of ancient historical buildings and more modern, run-down, charity shop dominated high streets.

Yesterday I finalised the last episode covering Elric of Melniboné with Loz and we’ve confirmed that our next show together will commence coverage of The Knight of Swords. Fitting then that I had a view out over the bay to Moidel’s Mount (St Michael’s Mount in our World) as I completed the final edits.

Even more fittingly, today we hopped on a train to Redruth where we discovered a fabulous second hand books and comics shop called The Idler. Not only did I find a tidy copy of the first Corum trilogy (as well as a couple of other less salubrious items in the shape of two of John Norman’s Gor series), but I had a good chinwag with the proprietor too. Lovely fellow. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods give The Idler a look.

After resisting the urge earlier in the week I also caved in and picked up a tidy, signed first edition of The Dragon in the Sword from an Oxfam shop in Penzance. So it’s been a good week all round.

This evening we’re eating at the pub just by the causeway over to Moidel’s Mount. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the Brown Man of Laahr.

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