Entropic State Update 05.08.20

Howdy pards,

News from Tanelorn.

First, a hearty welcome to new patron John. Welcome aboard John, the good ship Donblas is delighted to have you aboard. The Blind Steersman has sorted your cabin out and laid out your demon bound pyjamas. For those unfamiliar you can check out our patreon page here.

[EDIT: Five minutes after I posted this friend of the show and podcaster-supreme-in-repose Clarkey joined us too… it must have been those pyjamas… WELCOME ABOARD. As a jugador you of course get the top bunk and your own clay vase to piss in (folks… don’t ask).]

Second, Simon Perrins has once again brewed us up some fantastic new imagery for site banners and visual identity/branding for the show, an example of which is above. I just adore Simon’s style. Check previous posts for more of his work.

Next, thanks for listening to our latest show looking at role-playing games and Moorcock.  In particular we had some gentle digs at Stormbringer third edition and drank some really terrible beers.  Obviously the beer thing is a staple of any shows with Loz, but moving away from Moorcock novels is something we’ll be doing infrequently as a side-excursion.  Perhaps every ten shows or so. Lined up for the future I’ve had some early indications that we can have a look at Moorcock’s influence on rock music and comics, with a couple of special guest co-hosts that I can accommodate now I’ve finally figured out remote recording.

As for the usual instalments we’ll be finishing off The Eternal Champion with Phil, digging into Phase Two of The Final Programme with Hussein, and Loz and I will be re-recording our first stab at Corum (thanks largely to the aforementioned hideous beers and our perhaps too ambitious attempt to record two shows in one evening). When we do do it that will be the third attempt at covering Corum when you include that first aborted attempt I did with Lindsey back when I was figuring this stuff out. You can check that out as a Patron extra.

That last attempt at Corum  and the RPG diversion were recorded during the July lockdown lull when we were briefly able to meet in person but Phil, Hussein, Loz  and I are now all subject to local C19 measures in the North of England so remote recording will be the method for the most part for some while to come.  The obvious exception is the Phil episodes so I can continue to enjoy her old-fashioned expertise.

Anyway, I hope you’re all staying safe out there. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the moonbeam roads.


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