Entropic State Report 22nd August 2020

It’s been almost three weeks since we put out our RPG focused show and debuted The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly. We’ve been on a very satisfying upward trend in terms of downloads and it continued with that show being our fasted downloaded and having the highest number of listeners in the first seven days to date. We’ve had some lovely feedback too, and one particularly spicy riposte from a long time Stormbringer player. All feedback is good feedback though. I love the exchange of opinions and ideas in our community, across all forums including here and on twitter, Instagram and via the WordPress pages.

My new Elric commission by Clint Langley

Next up is our first delve into the tales of Corum. We ambitiously recorded this show immediately after the RPG one and inevitably we may have overstretched somewhat, particularly given the intake of bizarre birthday beers along the way, and our energy levels were somewhat affected. Nevertheless I’ve gone through the editing and got rid of all of the groaning, slurping and mumbling to hopefully leave behind a half-decent discussion on Book One of The Knight of the Swords. This show will also pick up the Journal with Chapter Two. I will also soon be detailing GAC’s weird encounter with that most inscrutable of powers, the Baker on the Rocks.

Meanwhile stay safe and I’ll see you soon for an old fashioned and a hand or two at the Terminal Cafe.

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