The Black Corridor

The Black Corridor

Derek AKA Imrryr joins me in Derry and Toms to discuss this choice piece of 60s SF courtesy of Moorcock and Hilary Bailey, as well as his new(ish) The Black Corridor inspired album and his latest variation on his ongoing Elric-related project The Dreaming City III. Then Graham calls in from his weird shack* in the woods to add his tuppence ha’penny worth and his thoughts on collaborating with NΛND to interpret this novel as a musical suite.

Speculations on a grim future…

Musings on a grim present…

Bleak experimental electronica…


We leave it all hanging out.

Imrryr’s The Black Corridor cover art is by Mark Jarell 

Check out ST 37‘s track The Black Corridor from their Glare album.

John’s new book of poetry, When the Banshee Howls, is available for pre-order.

Our banner art and logo is by Simon Perrins. Follow him on Twitter and check out his store. Listen to BITR Breakfast in the Ruins Radio on Radio Garden.

*Japanese RV

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