Halloween Special 2022 – THE FOG (James Herbert)

Halloween Special 2022 – The Fog by James Herbert

Phil and Graham return to Derry and Toms to gas about James Herbert’s second novel, 1975’s The Fog. One year on from The Rats he’s back terrorising London and the south-east, this time with a rampaging combination of mutated disease and spooky weather condition. He also baffles and amuses us with protracted sexy-times, which was de rigueur for Herbert at this early stage in his career. Also, I can only apologise to any German listeners for reasons that will become apparent.

BEHOLD the crapness of the cover on my Pan edition in the middle. NEL were streets ahead in the cover stakes, particularly that pop art design.

This episode is played out by Brayna’s Creed, the second track from the upcoming Journal Vol II, available via N Λ Ṇ D

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One thought on “Halloween Special 2022 – THE FOG (James Herbert)

  1. I have been listening to the Podcast and I have enjoying it tremendously. Mike is my favorite author. Years ago, on Miscellany, he gave me permission to name one of my hot sauces Tanelorn Tea. I have a bookcase dedicated solely to his work. A special thank you to Don Falcone for giving love to Jonathan Segel (of Camper Van Beethoven). As a hardcore fan of CVB, I know him decently. Although he currently lives in Sweden, I do not think he hangs out with Una but he might. For those of you who are on Facebook, my site is Carrboro RPG.

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