Episode 07 – The Jewel in the Skull Part Two

The Jewel in the Skull Part Two w/ Natasha

Natasha is back with me as we continue our deep dive into the first Hawkmoon novel, The Jewel in the Skull.

Meliadus gets some downtime and we finally meet Hawkmoon.

MARVEL at Tash’s brutal takedown of mothers-in-law…

SIGH at the rambling non-sequiturs…

GASP at Tash’s salty sailor talk…

WONDER at the gradual breakdown of recording discipline…

WEEP at the continual intrusion of traffic, crisp packets and leather furniture…

Downtime for Baron Meliadus

Episode 06 – Elric of Melniboné Part Two w/ @lozbearfield

Elric of Melniboné Part Two

Loz is back with me at Derry and Tom’s as we dive into Straasha’s ocean depths to prize open the mysteries below and discuss (most of) Book Two of Elric of Melniboné. Elric is full of pith and vinegar for a change and we get a good look at him from a different perspective.

Excellent beverages are consumed along the way.

Crazy hat. Crazy crazy hat.

Episode 05 – The Final Programme Phase One w/ @husseindharma

The Final Programme Phase One

After a degree of arm-twisting and one false start, Hussein finally gets his head into a sci-fi/fantasy book and agrees to tell the tale!

We cover the first Phase of The Final Programme, the introduction of Jerry Cornelius into the world of Michael Moorcock.

Hussein pops a couple of cherries, appearing on his first podcast AND reading his first ever scifi/fantasy novel! He also gets to marvel at the wonders of psychedelic 70s scifi covers. Meanwhile I keep mixing up my Perssons with my Brunners.

Massive thanks to new patrons Matt and Tom, as well of course as existing Chaos Engineers Norman, Fred, Malpertius and David. I’m ruminating on what I can do in terms of patron exclusives. Watch this space.

Photography c/o Hussein

Behind the scenes with Hussein

It took a while but, following an aborted attempt a few weeks ago, Hussein and I finally managed to hook up and record our first Jerry Cornelius session, covering Phase One of The Final Programme.

Hussein brought his snapper along and took a couple of photos. Tidy!

On to editing now. Hussein is a great talker and very articulate, so this episode will be another long one. I’m really looking forward to getting it out there.

See you on the moonbeam roads!

Moorcock Shelfies 04 – @jedwardscott1

Another fab shelfie here from Twitter compadre @jedwardscott1. Despite being very fond of some of the newer editions and omnibuses I just feel so much closer to those 60s, 70s and 80s paperbacks and there’s a lovely blend of Mayflower, Grafton/Granada and Quintet editions in here. In particular though I’m intrigued by The Warhound and the World’s Pain on there… That’s one I’m not familiar with.

Thanks for sharing!

Make sure you check out J Edward’s art, comics and RPG related goodies on his site too.

Meanwhile, view the goodness…

Episode 04 – Happy Birthday MM and Phil!!!

Happy Birthday Michael Moorcock and Phil

One of the twitter gang tipped me off a few weeks ago that December 18th is Michael Moorcock’s birthday. It took a while for the penny to drop, but when it did and my brain was penetrated by the copper and grub of ten thousand grasping fingers, I was taken aback for a second.

December 18th is also my brilliant and long-suffering partner Phil’s birthday!

Sweet, sweet synchronicity.

This presented an opportunity to celebrate both birthdays with a special, festive episode recorded in a four poster suite in the ancient 16th century Bagdale Hall Hotel in Whitby, the salt-bitten harboured, red-roofed jewel in Yorkshire’s Crown.


What’s more, some fine friends of the show sent along their messages to MM for inclusion.

So thanks Rob, Michael, Fred, Anthony, Asako Soh, David and The Pastor for your contributions. I’d like to think that in some cycle of existence MM may hear your words and feel the love.

The Pastor went the extra mile and sent a video of his salutation. As I could only keep the audio for the episode, here is his contribution in all its heavenly glory!

Thanks again Pastor!

So, many happy returns of the day to Phil, to Michael Moorcock, to anyone else who shares this day and anyone who just happens to listen to this on their birthday at any point in the future, from Earth 01 to Earth 16 or anywhere in the multiverse!

Finally, my gratitude to new patrons Malpertius and David, who join Fred and Norman in the ranks of Chaos Engineers. I’m always humbled that anyone would offer up their own sheckles to support this podcast. I hope I can repay your confidence.

Anyway, I hear the Song of the Swords. A transition approaches so… I’ll see you on the Moonbeam Roads!

Bored, cold, so… YouTube Channel?

Frost is laying over the Bradford hills like a crisp, armoured shiver blanket so I thought balls to it… I’ll knock out another video version of a podcast episode (lazily put together this time on the native Windows video maker with a slideshow and audio). I’ve done this, as much as anything else, just to see how the process works. It also makes a change from uploading short videos of Lindsey in Predicaments.

So many predicaments…

On balance I probably prefer the Lindsey clips. Somehow I need to figure out a way of combining the two. Anyway, here’s the YouTube version of Episode 01…

Perhaps we’ll do a video episode at some point…

Episode 03 – Elric of Melniboné Part one

Elric of Melniboné Part one

Loz is back with me at Derry and Tom’s as we tackle the 1972 novel Elric of Melniboné.

We have a few drinks and muse upon Elric’s early pre-wanderer, Stormbringerless years on the Ruby Throne of Imrryr.

We also ponder the news of a possible Elric TV show and attempt to get comfortable on Lord Shark’s Ostentatious Couch (spoiler, we don’t).

Breakfast in the Ruins read along – Elric of Melniboné

In 8 days time I’ll be joining Loz once again in Derry and Tom’s to eat some cake, drink some fine wines (or perhaps just dirty beer) and pick up the tale of Elric by jumping forward 11 years to 1972’s Elric of Melniboné.

Naturally, because we’re talking Elric, this also means we’re in fact leaping backwards to the chronological beginning of the saga as we find out a few more details behind his decision to dress outrageously and sack the Dreaming City.

Read along with us and be sure to send your thoughts, if you have any, on book one (ie up to page 62 in the Grafton/Panther editions). DM me on twitter @breakfastruins or email the show at breakfastruins@outlook.com with your thoughts.

See you on the moonbeam roads.

Elric of Melniboné – Grafton Books 1989

Moorcock Shelfies 03 – @lapsedgamer

OK ok… More of a deskie this one, but still happy that @lapsedgamer shared his collection. Hopefully just a starting point.

Incidentally this is the same edition I started Phil on 14 or so years ago. It collects the first half of the Elric saga in chronological rather than publication order. It’s a bit of a beast and not really a pillow book but Millennium did a great job keeping MM in print at the time and these editions can still be had at pretty decent prices. Beautiful Robert Gould covers too.