Sven Hassel’s Wheels of Terror – Part One

Old pal Robbo joins me in Derry & Toms to discuss the book from Pops that blew my mind into tiny pieces back in the early 80s, Sven Hassel’s Wheels of Terror!  We look at the man himself, including the shroud of mystery around his history, the first part of the novel and it’s horrific, bleak yet darkly humorous depiction of the impact of war, and whether this was really suitable reading for an 11 or 12 year old to move onto from the Doctor Who novelisations by Target Books.  We also talk Moorcock (naturally) and the impact growing up in the ruins of a war must have had on him.

We also probably add wargamers, military geeks and the people of Withernsea and Patrington to the list of people we’ve offended.

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