Guy N Smith Revisited – Crabs’ Moon

Guy N Smith Revisited – Crabs’ Moon

After the Halloween Special we couldn’t stay away. Phil needed questions answered.

Where did they come from?

How did they come to be?

So we read Crabs Moon and discovered the answers to none of these questions. But we did have a hoot and we were joined by Graham (aka @opensussex AKA Apkallu of Enmerkar AKA DECADNIDS) to have a couple of beverages, discuss Crabs’ Moon and to talk in general about the late Guy N Smith and his diverse writing career.

We also raised a glass to the man as this show lands close to a year after his passing.

We reference a Guy N Smith interview from the excellent The Collected Pulp Horror by Justin Marriott and Will Errickson.

Guy’s daughter TARA has re-energised the GNS Twitter and Instagram accounts.

We play this show out with Proditol from the album The Black Corridor by DECADNIDS vs NΛND.

***warning: unlike Night of the Crabs, Crabs Moon contains references to sexual violence and we do talk about them so please proceed with caution and look after yourselves – this month’s Patreon funds have been donated to The Survivor’s Trust – please do look them up and consider donating***

It’s a long story. Or a very short one.

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